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It looks like Charizard is about to go Godzilla on Pacman’s ass.


And that’s why they’re friends.


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Please tell me that I’m not the only one laughing at that name!

You should practice your anatomy. You seem to spend most of your time on the eyes, but your art in general is repetitive and kinda boring. You can really see it in your humans; the proportions are so far off that even the "that's my style" angle doesn't hide it. You seem to have potential though, but don't get so caught up in having a semi-popular blog that you stop trying to improve. Good luck C:




ohooo shit that hurt

let us break this ask down, shall we?

1) this is not a human blog and humans are something I don’t practice a lot  because I never have a need to draw them. so proportions don’t matter to me for something I draw once every few weeks.

2) so my art is “repetitive and kinda boring”… well I’m sorry to tell you this I have no problem telling you that my lifestyle is extremely busy. I rarely get the chance to draw, and when I do get chances, I don’t always invent new poses and stuff. So if my art seems generic, I want you to get over it because at least I’m doing SOMETHING. If you really want, I could just go on a year hiatus until I’ve had enough practice to where things are shaken up a bit.

3) You say I spend most time on the eyes, but that is seriously not the case. I take usually about a minute or two to draw one eye, then copy the eye flip it horizontally and call it the other eye. Perhaps the eyes look really good which is what is making you think that the eyes are the focus of my attention in my pictures.

I spend the majority of my time drawing out lines on hair flow and the body.

4) You saying that I’m getting caught up in having a semi-popular blog which is making me not improve is incredibly rude.

I am not caught up in the moment for crying out loud.

While I am proud of my blog, I do not think I’m the book definition of perfection. And my blog isn’t semi-popular.. like call me stuck up or whatever but my blog is just a few hundred followers away from hitting 10,000 (and my Cadance blog is about to hit 15,000) so I think it’s a pretty popular blog.

I don’t think I’m so high any mighty and that I’ve perfected my style because I haven’t. I know I haven’t.

Every time I do an art comparison of where I am now to previous years, I don’t get excited because my art looks really good in comparison. I get excited because I can’t want to see where I’ll be just like a year from now!

And I certainly haven’t stopped improving!!!

Maybe you can’t tell but I myself am seeing improvements in my art.

My shading is getting better with each update. The bodies are starting to become more lean and proportionate in regards to the body parts. Heck, I’m even drawing backgrounds now! I never used to draw backgrounds!

Your critique is shit.

I’m going to be blunt. You didn’t offer me any tips and just pointed out what’s bugging you. You have no idea how hard it is for me to draw what I draw and how I draw it, so to dump all these complaints on me like I could just go “Oh yeah okay I forgot to do that” is so rude.

Let me improve at MY OWN rate, and if you’ve got a problem with it sugar plum, you can just high tail it out of here because your business is NOT welcome. There are other people here who are just fine with the rate of my improvement and you seem to be the only one irritated enough to complain about how I’m not improving at the rate that satisfies you best. You don’t know me my life or what I’ve been through to get this far, but HOPEFULLY one day you’ll understand and shut up about this shit to poor artists who don’t need to deal with this crap in their pretty stressed out lives!

Good luck C:

This is what happens when a person gives specific advice on problems in art while keeping it polite yet honest. Well anon, looks like you need to understand the life story of any artist you ever give critique to in order to even GIVE the critique in the first place!

This goes for everyone reading this: If you get so angry at critiques, just delete them and move on. No need to write a 15 paragraph essay on how hard life’s been for you ‘poor artists’, just accept it as it is.

Because this just looks silly.

I think that anon was semi-polite and straight to the point. It might be taken as sarcasm since they didn’t start with “Your art is great, but…”

That last sentence sounds more like a warning than a compliment, but it is a compliment nonetheless since they’re saying that they recognize that the blog is popular, but that the artist should continue to try and improve on their art. ^^

That good luck at the end seemed well intended and most likely is since the message had semi-polite criticism and even a compliment by saying that the artist has potential to improve.

I understand the point that the artist made, but writing stuff like this only makes people more afraid to send actually helpful criticism for fear of receiving some sort of backlash…

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Ea Game at his Finest

To contact supervisor, please purchase the &#8220;Supervisor&#8221; DLC pack for only $4.99


Ea Game at his Finest

To contact supervisor, please purchase the “Supervisor” DLC pack for only $4.99



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What!? Did another OVA come out?

I’m pretty sure that this is a scene from the “A Choice with no Regrets” sidestory.

Yes! Here’s the Trailer for it. ^^


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This reminds me of the army scene, from the movie “The Myth”.

The scene where Jackie Chan faces an entire army all by himself. ^^

Scratch that, it’s pretty much the same thing but with small differences!





please someone reassure my this is just fuckin  w people right.

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Wait y’alls cups are really that small? holy fuck

why the fuck anyone needs 1.3L of coke in one sitting is beyond me but anyway

They’re the same size around here… America is one scary place, where does it all go!?